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At AME Healthcare we understand that attending health and fitness facilities can be daunting. That is why our ethos is to improve the way you move with understanding and excellence. Our team are here to listen and understand how your pain and injuries are affecting you while providing you with excellent care in order to get you feeling better.

Our dedicated therapists use a combination of hands-on manual therapies and corrective exercises to get you out of pain and back doing the things you love.

We utilise a whole body approach, which looks to find the root cause of your dysfunction in order to help you eliminate pain and recover faster.

Health and fitness facilities - manual therapy and exercises
health and fitness facilities

Our Team

Avril ODriscoll

Avril O’Driscoll, B.Ost, Med D.O.

Registered Osteopath M.O.C.I

Avril is the founder of AME healthcare, a registered Osteopath and our Chief Orthopaedic Sports Therapist. Avril holds a BSc. in Health Science and graduated with first-class honours from a combined five-year programme with the Irish College of Osteopathic Medicine and London South Bank University.

Having spent the last 10 years working in high end health settings across Ireland and the USA, she is passionate about developing both clinical excellence and an exceptional patient experience.

Avril is committed to delivering the highest quality of healthcare using an integrative and rounded approach. Her years of clinical training and experience have given her a broad skill set, and Avril enjoys treating both chronic and acute injuries. From pregnant women to athletes, older population to even corporate clientele, Avril loves the variety her practice brings and enjoys treating people from all walks of life.

With an exceptional capacity for human connection and unwavering standards, Avril is uniquely qualified to help you reach your health goals at our premier healthcare location.

David Fildes

Orthopaedic Massage Therapist

David is an Orthopaedic Massage Therapist and specialises in Myofascial release and deep tissue massage. David has a background in Sports Science and GAA and is currently studying for his degree in Osteopathic medicine.

Therefore David is uniquely skilled at assessing when massage therapy is appropriate or when further treatment may be required. This ensures our patients receive continuity of care between therapists and are provided with a more comprehensive healthcare experience. 

David Fildes
Health and fitness facilities - manual therapy and exercises

Our ethos

AME Healthcare is founded on the principals of Human connection, clinical excellence and creating exceptional patient experiences. Our core values are empathy, integrity, innovation and Inclusion. We want to help bridge the primary and allied healthcare settings in order to facilitate continuity of care.

At AME healthcare we take a multidimensional, whole body approach to hands-on therapy. We want to assist patients in gaining access to the healthcare they need in order to help them improve their lives. Our treatments utilise a holistic and systemic methodology to find the root cause of dysfunction and eliminate pain in a caring and comfortable environment.


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Health & fitness facilities

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